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It’s official, Chris Brown has finally spoken. Chris released a video of him apologising openly to Rihanna, Family, Friends and Fans. I can appreciate him doing this vid, I can only imagine it could not have been easy.

I have a New Found Respect for him, he’s trying to right his wrongs and do right by himself as well as others around him. FORGIVENESS IS THE KEY! ¬†Watching the apology made me realise that he is still human just like any other man, and his heart seems genuine.

He has truely been blessed, I hope he continues to move fwd and go on to prove that he is a good role model. (Check out the vid)


Ok, so it seems that a good bunch of female stars are following this ‘Cut one side of my hair off’ trend. Of late, first we had Amber Rose who decided to zip it all off, then Cassie and even Lala Vazquez (Former MTV host/Charm school jugde) are sporting the half a head of hair look.

Now we have Riri lol.. Always in the spotlight. She’s gone one step further, Rihanna has shaved both sides n the back of her hair and only kept the top.

Me personally I don’t really like the look for her, Maybe it will grow on me. Who knows???

Well that’s what WonderWoman thinks.. What do you think about the hair style? Do you like it on her?

Check da pic below… Blessings x