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Ok, so it seems that a good bunch of female stars are following this ‘Cut one side of my hair off’ trend. Of late, first we had Amber Rose who decided to zip it all off, then Cassie and even Lala Vazquez (Former MTV host/Charm school jugde) are sporting the half a head of hair look.

Now we have Riri lol.. Always in the spotlight. She’s gone one step further, Rihanna has shaved both sides n the back of her hair and only kept the top.

Me personally I don’t really like the look for her, Maybe it will grow on me. Who knows???

Well that’s what WonderWoman thinks.. What do you think about the hair style? Do you like it on her?

Check da pic below… Blessings x



Theres definetly somethings that make you happy! Go DO EM! Life’s waaaay 2 short 2 waste ur days unhappy! Break free!

..Rev Run

Das what i did today. I did what made me happy, and although others may not understand it.. I just had to be free.

Love u all, WonderWoman Vee… Blessings xxx


As the sun is coming back out, i thought i’d plug this clothing line I know that do great tee’s. I dunno bout you but this summer is all about being bright.. Standing out from the crowd. Launched in 2002, TERRATAG’s main influence is Japanese Art and the unique use of colour really brings their clothing to life.

I, myself have got a Terratag Tee and My Gosh it is maaad Comfortable. It get loads of comments and to be honest it’s just great. lol

They not only do Tee’s but hoodies, Caps, Bags, Vests n Art.  Check out these pics and also check out their website http://www.terratag.com Prices range from £10 +


Wonderful_FL_BLUE-T_MAIN01 WT-04_MAIN-2


It’s a lotta thangs mayn.. Go get urs!!

In Memory of ... After watching MJ’s memorial service, i thought i must write about him. The service was beautiful from start to finish.. Dispite some OFF KEY notes from some artist who will remain nameless, It was great. Everyone had such lovely things to say about him..

Now that made me think, all people really focus on when they think of MJ are his courtcases, his children issues and his debt; but really there was so much more to him. Brooke Shields, Berry Gordy, Rev Al Sharpton and even Magic Johnson gave beautiful testimonies of his life. He had real character and he was human, just like you and me. What i got from hearing all the speeches is that this man had a beautiful heart, caring, honest, giving, sense of humor, often misunderstood, a great inspiration to all and one of the worlds biggest Humanitarians. What Influence man!.. and yet there are people who WONDER why so many are hurting now that he is gone! He will definately be missed by those who were close to him and those far off.

I would also like to salute Jermaine Jackson, he has done a great job representing his family and just being strong for all. It could not have been easy.  His song was very touching and as Micheal would have wanted, although you may be hurting right now… Just Smile.

Now that the funeral and memorial is over with, the family will hopefully have the time and space to mourn Michael properly. The bible says that we should Mourn with those who Mourn, so may prayers remain with first of all the family n friends and also with the world.

I WONDER what your thoughts are?? Feel free to leave a comment!…

In memory of the greatest entertainer there will probably ever be, I would like to leave you with One of my favorites.. You Rock My World (oh my dayz the dancing :).. Go Michael!!)

Mr Michael Jackson.. Rest In Peace xxx

Right! Soo we all know that JayZ is about to drop his album The Blueprint 3 (even tho he was supposed to have retired 2/3 albums ago). Anyway his new track is D.O.A -Death Of Autotune.. Which i think we have all had enuff of, i mean the T-pain movement is playyyed. Now im not a JayZ fan AT ALL but i gota say i like the track, the lyrical content is serious and its catchy, I love da beat.

Quite a few artist are jumpin on da instrumental and doing their thing..

We have Guvna B, He’s a UK rising Gospel Artist (Most ppl may have heard of ‘The Kingdom Skank’ or ‘Standard’..Allo Mate!). Guvna has also jumped on the movement, His is called DOR – Death Of Religion.. I think this is really interesting and very brave, simply because of the ongoing argument about secular music blah blah blah. I think his lyrics are serious n on point. It isn’t about religion, it’s about relationship with Father. I mean im sure some pharasies went to heaven because they believed in Christ but was their life really that fulfilling???!!!!! (Sorry i WONDERed off there). But yh, I like Guvna’s version however controversial it may be.

Anyway, Check them out and let me know what u think? You know what im thinking..What are you thinking??

La la laaa la, Heeeeeeeeey! GooodByeee! lol

Hello World!!!!

Welcome to the WONDERful world of me. Get into my mind…What goes on in my head is rather interesting- I think u’ll find. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy

I WONDER what ur thinking!!!!

Blessings Vee x

I Can Do Many Things

I Can Do Many Things