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sex and the city 2Welcome back! I got sum exciting news for all my Sex and the City fans. The movie will be out in May 2010.. Im so excited.

Im looking forward to the next installment of Fashion, Love, Friendship and Freedom.

I WONDER what’s going on now…

Are Carrie and Big going to have her dream wedding now that they’ve had his?

Will Samantha ever settle down..Will my friend Smith move back to New York to try again?

Charlotte has the perfect life.. Will there ever be drama?

Oh and Miranda ended the movie Smiling (Thank God), What’s next for her and Steve??

I can’t wait to find out what happens next.. But in the mean time I have a teaser for you.

sexy n city 2

Carrie Bradshaw is back!!! Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted in NY shooting scenes for Sex and the City 2 in Manhattan and she looks as fabulous as she  has always been!!!

She is strutting in a pair of Christian Louboutin’s  and a semi-sheer white dress. And what can be possibly be another scene, she was photographed in an 80’s all-white get up with an off-the shoulder sweatshirt and a pair of black Converse!

It is safe to say the story line will take place before Labor Day, because even Carrie knows, you cannot wear white after Labor Day.

Excited or what???!!!

Anyways, i’m signing out. Comment above, what’s your thought on Sex and the City??

Blessings x

What’s gud Family?? I decided to bring you in on something different… Why Not??!!!

Not sure if you all know bout clothing label ‘Married To The MOB’ (MTTM).. But here’s ur chance. Now you should know by now that I dnt promote swearing and all dat unnecessary stuff but i just Love this. The statements and phrases on the clothes are hott, Depending on what you like…  With them, there is No Need to be Ordinary!

Married to the Mob was conceptualized on a hot sticky New York City day in summer 2004. Sitting on her stoop on Spring Street and working on her second to-go Margarita, it dawned on label founder Leah that while there were tons of great street brands for guys, there was virtually no version out there for females. Thus the concept for MOB was born: A streetwear label designed for women and by women. Growing up in a city like New York, you’re only as good as the crew that you run with and the name of the label is Leah’s tribute to the “Most Official Bitches,” who through the ups and downs and highs and lows never failed to have her back. Design inspiration for the label is literally up from the streets of New York and its clubs, secret hang-out spots and smoke-filled parties, making MOB equal parts chic, smart-mouthed, and definitely not-to-be-messed with. No doubt it’s all New York attitude, but in the two years since it was founded, the MOB label has found female fans all over the globe who can identify with its street smarts. Love MOB, hate it, stalk its every move, it inspires opinions because more than just a clothing label, it’s a lifestyle that speaks to style-confident females everywhere. Whether a MOB tee, string bikini, blog or photo shoot, everything has the MOB crew’s attitude, charm and appeal stamped all over it.

Here’s a sneek peak of Teyana Taylor modelling there Autumn Collection: Hott!


Check the Detail in the Hood

The New York, CowGirl Look lol

The New York, CowGirl Look lol

Check the Glasses.. What else stands out?

Check the Glasses.. What else stands out?

I an absolutely loving the skirt

I am absolutely loving the skirt n the Tee in fact

MOB  Crew.. Hoodie n Sneaks are a must have for me

MOB Crew.. Hoodie n Sneaks are a must have for me

REALLY?!!! Banging...

REALLY?!!! Banging... The dress, the boots.. It's saying a lot of things lol

Ok, so these are just a few of the pics of their Fall collection. I know you are probably thinking it’s a US thing but ‘No Hunnii’, there are ways for you to get it over here in the UK as well. Check out the website for more info n check out their store.. The clothes are serious, Now I ain’t a promoter but I think it mite be worth it.


Rite, onto some more info… You may be WONDERing who is Teyana Taylor. Well she’s my Homie lol. Nah 4real, She’s an artist who is under Pharrell’s label. Her voice is serious, she’s got Mad style. I been following her on twitter and she seems to be a cool young lady.  You know when someone know’s what they stand for and actually believes in what they preach.. Well that is her. A great inspiration and just 18yrs old n she’s sooo Pweery lol.. I honestly Pray she continues to get better at what she does and who she is. She released a song in the states called ‘Google Me’.. and her album should be out next year, ‘From a Planet called Harlem’ or so i hear.

Google Her!!! Check her out on Ustream.tv/teyanataylor (Live broadcast) or Follow her on Twitter.com/TEYANATAYLOR

Alrite enough of me playing the promoter lol

Actually, Follow me on Twitter.com/WonderWomanVee

This is me WONDERWOMAN signing out. I WONDER what your thinking? Comment above.

Loves ya like I love Rice n Peas  xxx

Everybody wake up! I have just seen the best looking Mens footwear this yr. Jheeze, I wish I had the P and someone extra special to get these for.. Im in Love.

Navy n Suede ... £255

Navy n Suede ... £255

My 2nd Love ... £695

My 2nd Love ... £695


Please Don’t Sleep!


WOW!!! So here is some rather interesting news. Sasha Fierce (not Beyoncé) is launching a clothing line as a part of Deréon.

Beyoncé is pushing the identity of her alto-ego Sasha Fierce even further. According to Women’s Wear Daily, Bey and her mom, Tina Knowles, are planning to launch a new junior apparel label, Sasha Fierce for Deréon. The collection will include sportswear, outerwear, handbags, footwear, eyewear, lingerie and jewelry. It has already been picked up by department stores such as Macy’s and Dillard’s.

DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE??? How can an alto-ego have a clothing line? It’s a SPIRIT! Now i don’t doubt that the clothing line is gona banger but wowza.. What are they encouraging? Can u imagine the world going around with a piece of Sasha Fierce in them.. Mate, Jesus is coming soon you know! That’s all im saying! lol

Nah but for real, all jokes aside. I know that you can argue it’s just branding but Really?!! Why not have an junior apparell label called Bey or BK, you know for the urban attire. All this promoting of a spirit thats all about sex, lust n domination is not cool. NONSENSE!!!

I love Beyonce, her talent is amazing and her beauty is like woah. If anyone dare cuss her infront of me, i’d probably have something to say… But I can’t get down with this one.

Well this is what im thinking.. What are your thoughts?? Leave a comment up top

Blessings x


As the sun is coming back out, i thought i’d plug this clothing line I know that do great tee’s. I dunno bout you but this summer is all about being bright.. Standing out from the crowd. Launched in 2002, TERRATAG’s main influence is Japanese Art and the unique use of colour really brings their clothing to life.

I, myself have got a Terratag Tee and My Gosh it is maaad Comfortable. It get loads of comments and to be honest it’s just great. lol

They not only do Tee’s but hoodies, Caps, Bags, Vests n Art.  Check out these pics and also check out their website http://www.terratag.com Prices range from £10 +


Wonderful_FL_BLUE-T_MAIN01 WT-04_MAIN-2


It’s a lotta thangs mayn.. Go get urs!!