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Excited.com!! Sex and the City 2

Posted on: September 2, 2009

sex and the city 2Welcome back! I got sum exciting news for all my Sex and the City fans. The movie will be out in May 2010.. Im so excited.

Im looking forward to the next installment of Fashion, Love, Friendship and Freedom.

I WONDER what’s going on now…

Are Carrie and Big going to have her dream wedding now that they’ve had his?

Will Samantha ever settle down..Will my friend Smith move back to New York to try again?

Charlotte has the perfect life.. Will there ever be drama?

Oh and Miranda ended the movie Smiling (Thank God), What’s next for her and Steve??

I can’t wait to find out what happens next.. But in the mean time I have a teaser for you.

sexy n city 2

Carrie Bradshaw is back!!! Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted in NY shooting scenes for Sex and the City 2 in Manhattan and she looks as fabulous as she  has always been!!!

She is strutting in a pair of Christian Louboutin’s  and a semi-sheer white dress. And what can be possibly be another scene, she was photographed in an 80’s all-white get up with an off-the shoulder sweatshirt and a pair of black Converse!

It is safe to say the story line will take place before Labor Day, because even Carrie knows, you cannot wear white after Labor Day.

Excited or what???!!!

Anyways, i’m signing out. Comment above, what’s your thought on Sex and the City??

Blessings x

3 Responses to "Excited.com!! Sex and the City 2"

ahhhhhh me so excited!!!!!

Sarah Jessice Parker is very pretty but she does not have a flawless skin complexion “

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